Define your Business Goals Business Rules and Business Systems

Define Your Business Rules, Define Your Business Systems

You are in a requirements gathering session. Trying to nail down business rules to help define infrastructure…and getting responses that do not offer definition. Frustration begins to set in as the responses go from bad to worse.

“Let’s just do what’s best practice”

“We don’t want to reinvent the wheel”

“It’s OK to replicate what Company X is doing”

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Don’t Focus on Meeting Goals, Focus on Exceeding Them

This morning, I came across the umpteenth article about how to ‘meet or exceed’ >>insert goal/vision/etc.<< (yeah that memorable…might have been a solid article but once I saw ‘meet and exceed’ s/he lost me).

Huh? Why isn’t is just exceed?

Businesses design contracts to exceed SLAs. Not exceeding customer expectations will sink a business. Professional athletes workout physically and mentally year round to exceed expectations and land that sweet contract.

When someone writes ‘meet and exceed’, is it just mindless regurgitation of established (but tired) phrasing? Have we, as a society, reduced ourselves to the point where the status quo is OK?

Am I completely missing something?

I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t want to exceed expectations in any realm, for any audience…

For your boss.

For your customers.

For your family.

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Ten Things To Think About When Building Your Item Master

Eight Things to Think About When Building Your Item Master

A key component of your ERP, and thus technical side of your business, is the item master. Think of it as the key-chain that will let data link throughout your business systems. Each item in inventory has information – dims, weights, names, etc. – all of that information will be in the item master.

There are few digital elements that have as great an impact on external collections as an item master.

Depending on your organizational maturity, you may already have an item master naming convention defined. If not, here are eight things to consider when building your item master. Continue reading Eight Things to Think About When Building Your Item Master


Project Code Rush – Open source film

In the world of technology and commerce, so much has changed, and so much hasn’t. I came across Project Code Rush | Click Movement (dot) org, the site that hosts the Project Code Rush movie,  via the OpenCulture’s excellent 500 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc. page. The one hour documentary gives a firsthand look at the heady days inside Mozilla prior to their then revolutionary public release of their browser code prior to the AOL Netscape merger.

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PsyQic launch show off

One of my favorite apps, PsyQic, had its official launch today in the iTunes store. It was pretty cool to see (part of) my face (and all of Kes’s) in the iPhone screenshots section!

This would also be a good time to note that I’ve been so busy with school, consulting and the job search that I haven’t had the time to keep up my top-2 position (as well as other things, LIKE BLOG POSTS)…but that will soon change 🙂

You can go here to download it.

PsyQic is an easy, fun, and social way to share predictions. You can make predictions on sports, politics, TV shows, movies, business, science, environment, technologies, and more. Flex those ESP muscles to improve your Qi score, indicating your “PsyQic” ability. Continue reading PsyQic launch show off