Confirmed - Amazon Has An Issue With Counterfeit Goods

Amazon: “Earth’s Most Counterfeit-centric Company”?

Quite a bit of noise has been made over the past 6 months about counterfeit goods invading everyone’s favorite marketplace (Amazon).

I was a bystander until 2 (possibly 3) of our orders over the past 3 months contained counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit Order Number One

My wife, a longtime fan of Clarks shoes, purchased a new pair for work. She calls the brand’s wares ‘forever’ shoes – they build them to last and stand the test of time.

Not this time. Continue reading Amazon: “Earth’s Most Counterfeit-centric Company”?

Magento Imagine 2017 | Serena Williams


“The Greatest Athlete Ever” – Nike

I met Serena Williams at a VIP event at this year’s Magento Imagine conference and jokingly told her “I’m often called the Serena Williams of eCommerce.” She laughed.

Serena Williams MagentoNote to Magento:

The next time you interview someone as accomplished as Serena, don’t lob redundant softball questions about everything everyone already knows. She’s fashion industry disruptor, launching a new ecommerce site later this year and has built the teams to do execute. It would have been a lot more interesting to hear her perspectives on those instead of standard mechanical questions about playing tennis with Venus, her father’s influence and who her endorsers are. This interview made me squirm in my seat at times.

Build Your B2B eCommerce Program and Portal

Congratulations! Your business is now ready to sell B2B via the web. Internal discovery of the B2B eCommerce program and portal is underway and internal sentiment suggests a replica of the B2C site. The ordering process needs to be brought online and if the development team can do a quick reboot of the B2C site on a subdomain the wholesale team can begin selling there in no time.

Not so fast.

Building the B2B site is conceptually and functionally different from the B2C site and needs separate treatment.

Repeat – it’s not carbon copy.

Orders will neither be passed through the system similarly nor fulfilled similarly. The user experiences (yes the ‘s’ is intentional, more below) will completely different. It will hit the general ledger differently. Payment and shipping terms will (likely) differ. There will also be wholesalers that want to order via phone or fax. Continue reading Build Your B2B eCommerce Program and Portal

Define Your Business Rules, Define Your Business Systems

You are in a requirements gathering session. Trying to nail down business rules to help define infrastructure…and getting responses that do not offer definition. Frustration begins to set in as the responses go from bad to worse.

“Let’s just do what’s best practice”

“We don’t want to reinvent the wheel”

“It’s OK to replicate what Company X is doing”

Yikes. Continue reading Define Your Business Rules, Define Your Business Systems