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Since 2002 I’ve helped develop and scale eCommerce systems. I’m very passionate about eCommerce strategy and the Business Systems that support it.

Working with global, powerhouse omnichannel brands and small startups, I’ve helped teams grow B2B and B2C segments from <$2MM  to >$49MM .

Here are some critical business transformation processes I’ve supported:

  • Full lifecycle webstore launches and replatforms
  • Regional Launches: Japan, UK, EU, Canada, USA
  • Full lifecycle ERP implementations
  • 3PL strategy and leadership

Active personal interests including (but certainly not limited to):

OK now the obligatory, quirky blog statement:

This is my blog.

I love hot sauce.

I won’t write about breakthrough personal development coaching. Or physics. Or how to make $5,000 in one week through SEO strategies, affiliate marketing, and multi-level marketing. If you are looking for cheap pharmaceuticals or if your distant aunt, uncle, grandparent or other unknown familial relation has died, left you millions and all you need to do to collect the booty is Western Union someone $10,000, this isn’t the place for you.

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