Magento Imagine 2017 | Serena Williams


“The Greatest Athlete Ever” – Nike

I met Serena Williams at a VIP event at this year’s Magento Imagine conference and jokingly told her “I’m often called the Serena Williams of eCommerce.” She laughed.

Serena Williams MagentoNote to Magento:

The next time you interview someone as accomplished as Serena, don’t lob redundant softball questions about everything everyone already knows. She’s fashion industry disruptor, launching a new ecommerce site later this year and has built the teams to do execute. It would have been a lot more interesting to hear her perspectives on those instead of standard mechanical questions about playing tennis with Venus, her father’s influence and who her endorsers are. This interview made me squirm in my seat at times.

Don’t Focus on Meeting Goals, Focus on Exceeding Them

This morning, I came across the umpteenth article about how to ‘meet or exceed’ >>insert goal/vision/etc.<< (yeah that memorable…might have been a solid article but once I saw ‘meet and exceed’ s/he lost me).

Huh? Why isn’t is just exceed?

Businesses design contracts to exceed SLAs. Not exceeding customer expectations will sink a business. Professional athletes workout physically and mentally year round to exceed expectations and land that sweet contract.

When someone writes ‘meet and exceed’, is it just mindless regurgitation of established (but tired) phrasing? Have we, as a society, reduced ourselves to the point where the status quo is OK?

Am I completely missing something?

I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t want to exceed expectations in any realm, for any audience…

For your boss.

For your customers.

For your family.

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