Stewart Brand – How Buildings Learn

Stewart Brand of The Long Now Foundation has some highly interesting videos from a BBC series he did a few years back. Below is his excerpt and 6 great videos follow:

This six-part, three-hour, BBC TV series aired in 1997. I presented and co-wrote the series; it was directed by James Muncie, with music by Brian Eno. The series was based on my 1994 book, HOW BUILDINGS LEARN: What Happens After They’re Built. The book is still selling well and is used as a text in some college courses. Most of the 27 reviews on Amazon treat it as a book about system and software design, which tells me that architects are not as alert as computer people. Continue reading Stewart Brand – How Buildings Learn

Palm Wine Tapper

Going down the palm tree after tapping (and later collecting) palm wine. Organic, delicious, and packs a sweet buzz. This video was taken in a remote village in Benue State, Nigeria where I’ve spent some semi-significant time. The predominant tribes in Benue State are the Tiv and Idoma people.