Magento Imagine 2017 | Serena Williams


“The Greatest Athlete Ever” – Nike

I met Serena Williams at a VIP event at this year’s Magento Imagine conference and jokingly told her “I’m often called the Serena Williams of eCommerce.” She laughed.

Serena Williams MagentoNote to Magento:

The next time you interview someone as accomplished as Serena, don’t lob redundant softball questions about everything everyone already knows. She’s fashion industry disruptor, launching a new ecommerce site later this year and has built the teams to do execute. It would have been a lot more interesting to hear her perspectives on those instead of standard mechanical questions about playing tennis with Venus, her father’s influence and who her endorsers are. This interview made me squirm in my seat at times.

O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work 2012

First day thoughts on the O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work 2012 held in Santa Clara, CA

Day 1 – Wednesday February 29, 2012

First impressions

Compared to the inaugural New York City conference (2011), this event dwarfs it. Easily four times the attendees, double the sessions and about twice the exhibitors. The discussions have moved from Data Scientists to include Data Teams. Data visualization has received a stronger representation with a focus on effective visualizations, not just attractive ones. Systemic, enterprise thinking has also received a spotlight far greater than the inaugural event. The next New York Strata event (Fall 2012) will be the first conference that will join both the Strata conference and the formerly independently run Hadoop conference. As a further point of reference to the changes from last year’s event to this one, EMC, who had just 3 attendees at last year’s event has over 20 at this event as well as a massive space in the exhibit hall.

Highlights and key themes from the day’s sessions

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RIP Yankee Icons – George Steinbrenner 1930-2010, Bob Sheppard 1910, 2010

Longtime Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died today. Often a polarizing figure, Steinbrenner built a behemoth of a sports empire. He always set the bar as high as possible – failure was unacceptable. It’s been great being a Yankee fan under his leadership. I think he’s taught a lot of people what winning means. Always intense and always classy, he will be missed.

Longtime Yankee announcer Robert Leo “Bob” Sheppard died on the 11th.

Drilling, Drugs, Porn, Sports: Interior Department

According to an Interior Department report, staff members at an agency that oversees offshore drilling accepted tickets to sports events, lunches and other gifts Continue reading Drilling, Drugs, Porn, Sports: Interior Department